# About me I'm [Dhruvesh](https://dhruveshp.com), a student, thinker, scientist. This is a set of notes that are too short to be a blog or too informal to be a research paper. I use these notes to share my thoughts, ideas and workflows with colleagues, collaborators and anyone who cares to take a look. # Organization The notes are not organized using folders—I believe that a folder structure is too rigid to organize information. A piece of information, a note, can be associated with multiple clusters of concepts. So I use *tags* to organize my notes. Following are the tags and their meanings. ## Tags for the *type* #Type: The type of content in the node - #Type/ExternalContent: Any general content from external sources which does not match any specific content type below - #Type/ExternalContent/📄Papers : A research paper. - #Type/ExternalContent/📰Articles: Articles that are not exactly an academic paper. - #Type/ExternalContent/🎙️Podcasts: - #Type/ExternalContent/📄Papers * #Type/ExternalContent/🎙️Podcasts * #Type/ExternalContent/ℹ️Blogposts * #Type/ExternalContent/🦜interviews * #Type/ExternalContent/📚Books * #Type/ExternalContent/📺Videos * #Type/ExternalContent/🪜Tutorials * #Type/ExternalContent/🎤Talks * #Type/ExternalContent/📒Courses * #Type/Homework - #Type/Reflections: - #Type/note: This is a note that is an assimilation of my thoughts about a topic. - #Type/workflow : Notes about various workflows I like to follow. - #Type/meta : Notes about taking notes. - #Type/People : Story/information of people I follow. - #Type/💡Idea : Ideas - #Type/🧭MOC: Map of content. It is like an index for a *topic* (defined below). ## Tags for the *status* - #Status/📥Inbox: A new note, perhaps with a single line or idea, even blank. I will add content to the note soon. It is also possible that this note will be discarded. - #Status/🚧InProgress: This is a note that is not well formed yet. This note will be enhanced through multiple readings before it can become a permanent note. - #Status/✨Mastered: This is a permanent note that has gone through multiple revision and which will only change little going forward. When a mastered not is not reviewed for a long time, it might be moved to in-progress status again. - #Status/🗄️Shelved: This was in my inbox but I did not want to work on it at that time. I was unable to determine if this note has no value and should be discarded at that time. Hence, it was shelved. This will be processed to become in-progress or will be discarded ultimately. - #Status/🗑️Discarded # Tags for the *topic* All tags of the form `#Topic/*`, where `*` is a *topic*. A topic is a cluster of notes large enough to deserve its own name. Each topic also has Map-Of-Content (🧭MOC) page that links to all notes connected to the topic and provides a starting point to learn about the topic. # Tags #Type/workflow #Type/meta